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Administrator Message

Dear Students,
I congratulate you for being a student of Tire Kutsan Vocational School, who develops rational approaches to the solution of problems, has a high level of skills, has developed entrepreneurship awareness, and aims to train students to meet the needs of different sectors at regional and national level. As the Tire Kutsan Vocational School family, we welcome you to our beautiful town, Tire.
Our school is aware of the fact that it is the representative of the contemporary mission undertaken by Ege University in the Aegean Region in the district of Tire. In order to maximize University-Industry cooperation and take new steps, cooperation meetings are held with Tire Kutsan Vocational School, Tire District Governorate and affiliated institutions, Tire Organized Industrial Zone, Tire Dairy Cooperative, various companies of the Industrial Zone, secondary education institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations. . The transfer of the application units of the college campus to the Tire Organized Industrial Zone, the construction of which was completed rapidly, will be completed in a short time. Accommodation, which is an important problem for our students, has been largely overcome with the Tire Credit and Hostels Institution building, and opportunities in these areas are provided for nutrition, health, social, cultural, artistic and sports services.
During this academic year, all kinds of theoretical and practical knowledge you have learned at Tire Kutsan Vocational School, and the experiences you have gained; I wish you to contribute to the future in a more confident, self-confident and equipped way in line with the goals that Atatürk pursued, and I wish your success to be permanent.
Prof. Dr. Nayil DİNKÇİ
Tire Kutsan Vocational School Director

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